Went to Muir Valley on Saturday. Spent all our time in the Bowling Alley crag.

First time putting my guide book to use.

Took no pictures, there was 3 of us. Over time I’ll create a list of my gear and some of the to dos I have before and after climbing.

Before I was recording climbs in mountainproject.com and 8a.nu. At this point I don’t climb enough outside so I plan on just recording on Mountain Project. Future state I want to record the data personally and run my own stats on it.


Mountain Project Tick List


  • First time falling outside (which isn’t good that it’s been this long) but they were small, safe falls, so it’s a start
  • Didn’t bring a tripod for the GoPro so didn’t bring it out
  • The next day, I noticed that I’m almost out of collagen. Need to buy more
  • Not too many scrapes, my harness digs in near my groin. Probably because I don’t get out much, but if I do use it more and feels the same way I’d consider buying a new one