I’m planning to move from https://bit.io to https://neon.tech/ as bit.io is shutting down. They were pretty cool, I didn’t have any issues.

To Do

  • Pg export ✅ 2023-06-15
  • Pg import into neon ✅ 2023-06-15 To Do: Aquarium IoT Rewrite needs its lambda connection string updated


  • Being on Windows I couldn’t just download pg_restore… That is unfortunate
  • Docker doesn’t do me any good either for the most part, it still takes effort
  • Datagrip was wanting a binary to all pg_restore with this article
  • I decided to just copy tables as desired now
  • Since bit.io is going away I can’t just live copy tables…
  • This article let me know I can just install CLI tools which is all I needed for Windows

UX Note on enterprisedb.com

I thought there wasn’t a download for Windows but it was just there wasn’t one for 32 bit… don’t be like me

  • Added to my path: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\15\bin - not fully necessary