Use Case

I want to easily record when I use the Blackstone grill

Calendar Steps

  1. Create folder in Obsidian: Events\Blackstone
  2. Install Full Calendar community plugin
  3. Choose Full Note, choose the directory created above, choose a color
  4. Hit save (easy to forget)

QuickAdd Steps

  1. Type name, choose Template, add choice
  2. Click the gear
  3. Choose a template (it’s required) choose filename format like this: {{DATE:}} {{name}} (This is so it prompts you for the name otherwise there isn’t a name and that is screwy)
  4. Choose the folder you want to create the note in

Your template needs to look like this to show up in the calendar correctly: (You can name the template whatever)

title: {{name}}
allDay: true
date: {{date}}
completed: null

Pinned Commands

This is for the Command Palette

(This is an Obsidian provided plugin)

These 3 entry points are the most common for my needs

Why all the trouble?

I have a bad habit of over engineering. I don’t want to have to write a SPA, API, authentication for that API, write to database, show results; all to simply capture that I used my grill.

Making data entry easy is the important part. So I try to make that happen with Obsidian. I can parse these files and sync to a database if I want, but I don’t need to worry about that. Hurdle number one is easy data entry.