I got this working on 2023-07-09 by hacking things together.

To Do

  • I want a list of places (maybe unique) that I’ve been that I can search against. This doesn’t have to be fancy ✅ 2023-07-09

How To

  1. I’m using the Google Location Parsing Project and I commented out all the excludes
  2. Queried SQL Lite with DataGrip: select distinct name,address from tab1 order by name
  3. Exported the file manually:
  4. Copied this file to my Obsidian vault and manually added a “date updated” snippet

These are all hack/manual fixes but I don’t imagine updating this frequently. I can always make this really reproducible when I want to spend the time on it.

OmniSearch searches this out of the box, but unfortunately it only forwards you to the beginning of note instead of actually where it lives at in the file