July 22 - 23, 2023

Day 1

  • Disc golf at North Boundary Park (Blue Layout)
  • Booked a hotel at a Marriott
  • Disc golf at Knob Hill

Day 2

  • Drove through McConnells Mill State Park (wanted to hike but didn’t)
  • Disc golf at Moraine (Gold Layout)
  • Disc golf at East Palestine DGC (partial round)
  • Drove through and got a VIPP stamp at Tomlinson Run State Park



  • We left early in the morning but it was fine. Troy needed a break so we had a sit down breakfast
  • I should plan more around Troy, we need to get him some more playground time that is not at the hottest part of the day
  • No lost discs!

North Boundary

  • I DO NOT recommend a cart or a stroller at North Boundary
  • Lot’s of elevation, twice as much as Redeemer
  • There were yellow jackets at one of the practice baskets at the pole. I got bit on the ankle and ever so slightly on the thumb


  • Was nice and got the job done but no water sitting out and no microwave in the room. I suppose you get what you pay for
  • Was clean
  • The pool almost didn’t fit in the room but no problemo

Knob Hill

  • Unfortunately Lianne didn’t get play much since Troy was having melt downs
  • Was nice to have a more relaxing course
  • This would be a great warm up for North Boundary

McConnells Mill State Park

  • Wanted to hit another park but we decided not to get out as we new the course would take a long time
  • Looks like there were some waterfalls on some hikes that were short, would be good with kids to my knowledge


  • Top tier course, humbles you, reminds you that your not good at disc golf
  • Played gold layout, wanted the whole experience; was worth it
  • My backhand throw is messed up, I keep shaping too far left event for straight or hyzer shots. I’ll need to fix this
  • This is really an amazing course, watch out for player traffic though
  • I bet its pretty magical in the fall, there are a ton of thorny bushes though

East Palestine DGC

  • Had to leave early since it was the hottest part of the day and Troy was melting down
  • Nice little course, would like to see the rest, seems reasonable

Tomlinson Run State Park

  • I always feel bad to just drive through a park when there is hiking, camping, pool, disc golf, etc.
  • Got the VIPP stamp
  • I wanted to hit this park since it’s in the northern panhandle and out of the way typically; as I’m trying to hit all the state parks in WV
  • There are a bunch state parks around here: WV, OH, and PA. So with more time, I would like to check a bunch of them out in one go



Not a lot of photos taken…