I was playing with Kestra as I investigated some data orchestration frameworks.

Their docker-compose in their getting started was error-ing out for me on my Ubuntu server with syntax errors. I check and was running an older Docker version: 20.x.

So I thought I’ll just install what they recommended: Docker Desktop.

After installing I got this error as Kestra needs root privileges (I think) to spawn other containers to do work via docker.sock:

Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint homelab-kestra-1 (35ac5e6f0948606533f8daa03a653e5c8ee79f615c329969bcf2dcee0468c1ec): fork/exec /usr/bin/rootlesskit-docker-proxy: no such file or directory

I thought I had done this before, passing in docker.sock… How did this work before?

I should have just installed Docker Engine on my server (after uninstalling Docker Desktop); and I did; and now I’m good to go 👏


I was playing with AirByte and noticed it was running after I rebooted. I had no idea where the docker-compose was that I had fired it up with was.

Just inspect it: Get docker-compose.yml file location from running container? - Stack Overflow

And that told me where 💪