Scary Creek is the closest paintball facility around Charleston WV. I suppose the next one would be LVL UP Sports towards Columbus.

I went with 2 of my old buddies and one brought his 3 kiddos. For 2 of the kids it was their first time playing.

It was really fun, the last time I played was… well this is a pain to find out.

Random Notes

It had been so long I had to look up how to change my gun setting from PSP to semi fire rate. I’ll document that once I create another article.

I haven’t played for a while so I was super tired that evening. It was weird, my hands were camping afterwards. I drank watter, but who knows, maybe my potatssium was low.

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I had the most gun issues I’ve ever had with my LV1. I was shooting more than one ball and balls were gettin jammed, my eyes were showing no ball. I assume detents were having issues. I’ll have to look into it. This is supposed to be my reliable marker compared to that damn M17. So with the double loading+, I was chopping here and there.

Some what funny… like I mentioned above I was having issues. I was trying to figure out why my gun wasn’t shooting so I tool the bolt/charging handle/whatever out, looked, squeeged, then put it back in. I drew up to fire, heard air but no paint shoot. I looked back down and no bolt! It flew out the back!

Luckily I didn’t get hit in the neck or something. There was tall grass behind me and I was sure I wouldn’t find it. After a few minutes of looking after calling out a guy on the other team came over and asked what was up. He helped me look. After 5-10 minutes he found it! I was super grateful. I’ll be careful in the future. I can push forward and tell if it is gassed up (as long as the eyes see a ball) so I’ll do that always so this never happens again.

I also lost a squeegee. I don’t remember it being expensive but whatevs. I’d like to buy a bright colored one so easier to find.

My SLY mask is cool and all but the straps are really worn out, and the face padding is wore out. I see where I can buy new straps on ANSGear but I don’t see any of the face foam available anywhere. A new profit mask is around 90 which isn’t bad… but the i5 is probably the better forward thinking mask.

My kleates were really nice and comfortable. So clothing wise, I was still good with kleates, knee pads, paintball pants, forearm pads, headband, hat, etc.

List of gear I’d like to upgrade:

  1. Bright colored squeegee
  2. New mask (i5)
  3. New HPA tank
  4. Barrel sleeve (I used to have a couple, but I only have one, and it’s about wore out)
  5. Detents


When I was looking at tanks I saw 6 choices for regulators!

The video below was great for explaining what the difference was.

For me, it seems I want stainless steel for durability and adjustable for my LV1.