Currently, at, I have my feed.

This is what I envision as an aggregate from various sources. I just like the single pane of glass to see activity. It can help remind me of what I’ve done, and if I want to reference something I can browse over it quickly.

Having a feed also gives a bit of temporal context. I can see that I listened to a podcast on Tuesday and also see I went to the climbing gym. I know that I’ll usually see a podcast around this time or near a climbing session because I have a 45 minute drive there and listen to music or podcasts along the way.

It is super basic right now:

I don’t want to worry about historical data. I tried to import activity (Google Location Parsing Project) from my Google History but I’m not sure if that juice is worth the squeeze.

Somewhat related; what I think is quite successful was this project: 2023-09-13 New Project - Search Google location history from Takeout archive. Being able to know if I’ve been somewhere is something that happens somewhat often, and this solves it quite well in my opinion.

I do want a way to know when I visited somewhere, or how many times I’ve been there. Since I take unique places my location history project doesn’t have this level of granularity. This will be a different project, hopefully won’t take too long to add or build.


I want to sync the adventures I record as files in Obsidian to my feed in Postgres.

I want to automate this but for now here are some directions to remind me:


  1. Copy files to S3 bucket: aws s3 sync --delete C:\Users\looni\OneDrive\Documents\vault1 s3://lkat/obsidian-vault

  2. Verify files were copied to bucket: aws s3 ls --summarize --human-readable --recursive s3://lkat/obsidian-vault

For this project, these are really the files to verify are copied: aws s3 ls lkat/obsidian-vault/Adventures --recursive --human-readable

  1. Kick off a new Kestra sync to take the files from S3 and insert records into Postgres and then copy those to the feed: http://server1.local:8090/ui/executions/dev/feedGenerateFromObsidianAdventures/1pWW2pksvyReQL3soT3kxe

  2. If changes aren’t visible kick off a Netlify build. I’m still not sure on the magic it is doing on caching or if the page is treated as dynamic or not: