This Vercel template came across my Google feed and gave me inspiration. So, I wanted to try things out. I really like this abstraction which I consider more like MUI compared to the raw classes of tailwind.

I'm using so the default directions here from didn't work for me

Add Tailwind via this:

nx g @nx/react:setup-tailwind --project=<your app here>

You need to alter your content addition to your tailwind.config.js:

join(__dirname, '../../node_modules/@tremor/**/*.{js,ts,jsx,tsx}')

Run the app with the fancy Rust compiler:

This doesn't work for me

node_modules/.bin/nx serve web --turbo 

I have to do the usual:

node_modules/.bin/nx serve web
  • update nextjs to v14 ✅ 2023-10-29