Will have visibility by utilizing Viewing Job Queue in Obsidian

Needed Because

  • Be an interface to obsidian’s file system
  • Supporting Inbox Project in Obsidian
  • Supports offline (where personal machine is turned off)
  • Supports obsidian mobile sending off invocations (since it can’t call an api directly since the host PC isn’t running)

Possible Solutions

  • Use SQS
  • Use Postgres
  • Could check if files exist in S3 and pull them (cloudflared exposes this api potentially to be called from the cloud)
  • n8n
  • I’m using hosted postgres, why don’t I use it for rabbitmq?
  • Pubnub - Won’t work as it doesn’t really let messages sit around, it’s not designed for that
  • Raindrop

Use Cases

  • From mobile we can ✅ 2023-07-28

To Do

  • Install n8n on server I guess with docker Home Lab and Architecture
  • Put in raindrop ✅ 2023-07-28
  • n8n pulls, writes, clears raindrop ✅ 2023-07-28
  • Inbox Project in Obsidian ✅ 2023-07-28
  • How to handle those auth keys on mobile?
  • sleepy time from mobile isn’t working, change the name to invoke too