• Central lower back nervey pain compared to muscle-y
  • Getting up from sitting usually triggers it
  • Son was under desk getting cords, I had to think how to move horizontally and pick him up
  • Getting out of bed, I have to use my arm to help compared to momentum and using core to get up

What I want

  • To know why I get the pain
  • What I can do to prevent it

Back Injury 4/22/22 - 4/25/22

  • Tuesday I climbed
  • Wednesday we played knock out basketball but I don’t think I felt triggered
  • Thursday I sat ALL day
  • Friday I tried to start the lawnmower very aggressively
  • Friday we also playe dminor disc golf and it felt a bit off
  • Saturday it was starting to be bad, I felt forehand was a good idea and I was throwing it a lot but I was going to a knee from the give out and pain…
  • Sunday was even worse, could only throw backhand, had to stretch heavily saturday and sunday mornings or I’d be screwed

The main issue that scares me is Sunday, I had leg pain the same time my lower back throbbed. Now it wasn’t connected, but front left of my shin skin deep hurt. When I sat in the car on the drive home I felt it above the knee a little bit.


Back is doing better but it feels like my left leg socket that goes into my hip feels a bit nervy sensation. There is minor throbbing here and there but not bad. When I do my typical stretching, the muscles in my hip feel a bit “after injury” feeling

6/15/22 - 6/24/22

I played disc golf with Shaun, Mark, and Joe and i was good back wise, but I guess I ddin’t stretch my back adn neck enough and I pulled my middle back and teh right side of my neck. My neck was good after 2 days or so but my middle back isn’t good until 6/23ish. I had to carry hay bales with my back but that kind of forced itself to get better. I then went to the gym for the first time for a while and no issues there. I woke up on the 24th and my back is a lot better, maybe 80% healed or higher

2023-06-04 Remember, if you have back pain, it’s probably because you’ve been sitting too much. Massage gun it out. Then loosen up hamstrings and calves.