So I love Airtable but I was pushing the limits of my plan and it was getting a bit expensive for a hobby program.

I recently found and it looks fantastic. I can even use Postgres (I’m using as a backing store!

There isn’t a calendar view and there aren’t “widgets” support, like where you can use google maps with your location data. Looks like no mobile app too but not a big deal as it has forms. I think these lack of features is fine, seems to hit what I need.

The Full Calendar experience and using Frontmatter is just a lot of work for desktop AND mobile. I love the simplicity of Obsidian but for certain types of data it’s not a fit. I’m being very careful though not to over-engineer as that is my kryponite for personal projects.

I’m reassured though, that I loved working with Airtable, I just hit limits and I’m cheap. NocoDB is very similar, so I’m confident it will be a good fit 🤞

To Dos

  • Fire Home Lab and Architecture back up, update if necessary ✅ 2023-07-26
  • Update/create a docker-compose and fire up nocodb and point it to Postgres ✅ 2023-07-26
  • Update cloudflare to point to the port ✅ 2023-07-26
  • Test the public cloudflare tunnel has access ✅ 2023-07-26
  • Create a barebone adventure schema ✅ 2023-07-26
  • Create a form and embed in obsidian, or create a obsidian invoke action? ✅ 2023-07-27
  • Add a link to the form to the AWS email i’m sending ✅ 2023-07-27