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You can generate your own backup from Raindrop.io here

You can go here to view raw data files in various formats that start with raindrop*

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DeviceScript DeviceScriptTypeScript for Tiny IoT DevicesLinkCool Software5/30/2023 5:26:03 PM
charmbracelet/glow: Render markdown on the CLI, with pizzazz! 💅🏻Render markdown on the CLI, with pizzazz! 💅🏻. Contribute to charmbracelet/glow development by creating an account on GitHub.LinkCool Software5/30/2023 11:38:40 AM
Redpanda The streaming data platform for developersRedpanda is the streaming data platform for developers. It’s API-compatible with Apache Kafka®, but 10x faster, much easier to use and more cost effective.LinkCool Software5/29/2023 7:35:22 PM
OmnivoreOmnivore is the free, open source, read-it-later app for serious readers.LinkCool Software5/29/2023 7:30:07 PM
Homepage DremioSelf-service analytics with data warehouse functionality and data lake flexibility across all your dataLinkCool Softwaredata, ETL5/12/2023 8:12:53 PM
Cysharp/MessagePipe: High performance in-memory/distributed messaging pipeline for .NET and Unity.High performance in-memory/distributed messaging pipeline for .NET and Unity. - Cysharp/MessagePipe: High performance in-memory/distributed messaging pipeline for .NET and Unity.LinkCool Software5/1/2023 7:52:10 AM
Feature Flags without the Tech Debt DevCycleDevCycle is a Feature Flag Management platform that lets you deploy faster, reduce release complexity, and build maintainable code at scale.LinkCool Software4/28/2023 6:44:51 PM
Create, view & edit bookmarks - Computer - Google Chrome HelpLet Chrome remember your favorite and frequently visited websites.When you sync to Chrome, you get saved items, like bookmarks and passwords, on all your devices.LinkRandom4/28/2023 7:28:08 AM
SingleStore PricingSingleStore helps businesses adapt more quickly, embrace diverse data and accelerate digital innovation by operationalizing all data through one platform.LinkCool Software4/23/2023 10:12:00 AM
Metabase Business Intelligence, Dashboards, and Data VisualizationMetabase business intelligence, dashboards, and data visualization tools. Dig deeper into your data with open source, no SQL tools for data visualization.LinkCool Software4/23/2023 9:55:43 AM
+ Start Here - LYT KitInbox - LYT KitLinkCool Software4/22/2023 10:28:30 AM
n8n.io - a powerful workflow automation tooln8n is a free and source-available workflow automation toolLinkCool Software4/22/2023 8:24:11 AM
The Terminal (2004) - IMDbThe Terminal: Directed by Steven Spielberg. With Tom Hanks, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Stanley Tucci, Chi McBride. An Eastern European tourist unexpectedly finds himself stranded in JFK airport, and must take up temporary residence there.LinkTo Watch4/13/2023 7:11:06 AM
Four Pass Loop Hiking Trail, Snowmass Village, ColoradoAn all-time journey over four 12,500’ alpine passes, circumnavigating the Maroon Bells. Near Snowmass Village, Colorado.LinkTo Visit4/8/2023 1:54:20 PM
Budibase Build internal tools, the easy wayBudibase is an open source low-code platform and the easiest way to build, automate, and ship internal tools. Check it out.LinkCool Software4/6/2023 5:39:04 AM
So You Want to Thru-Hike the Colorado Trail? Here’s Your Backpacking Checklist GearJunkieThis summer I’m thru-hiking the Colorado Trail, and now’s the time to get prepared. Here’s a checklist of what I’m bringing and how I’m planning for any backpacker to use as a jumping-off point.Linkblog pages4/2/2023 9:18:20 AM
Twisp - The accounting engine for financial productsTooling for developers to build and scale mission critical financial products. Structure complex accounting and financial orchestration directly in a scalable core ledger system.LinkCool Software4/2/2023 9:13:37 AM
microfeed#opensource#serverless#freeLinkCool Software4/2/2023 9:06:15 AM
Kamino Wallet: Slim, Minimalist, Eco-friendly Paper Wallets.Slim, minimalist, eco-friendly vegan wallets that lighten your load. Handmade in Japan.LinkUnsorted4/1/2023 3:22:06 PM
Dapr - Distributed Application RuntimeAPIs for building portable and reliable microservicesLinkCool Software3/29/2023 7:33:45 AM
Apache APISIX® - Cloud-Native API GatewayApache APISIX is a dynamic, real-time, high-performance Cloud-Native API gateway, based on the Nginx library and etcd.LinkCool Software3/22/2023 8:38:51 AM
GitHub - GoogleChromeLabs/comlink: Comlink makes WebWorkers enjoyable.Comlink makes WebWorkers enjoyable. Contribute to GoogleChromeLabs/comlink development by creating an account on GitHub.LinkCool Software3/16/2023 12:17:28 PM
Linear – A better way to build productsLinear streamlines issues, sprints, and product roadmaps. It’s the new standard for modern software development.LinkCool Software3/11/2023 9:12:33 AM
Listening.ioLinkCool Software2/25/2023 6:54:13 PM
Geoawesomeness - Blog and CommunityLinkUnsorted2/15/2023 7:54:57 PM
Doppler The #1 SecretOps PlatformDoppler enables developers and security teams to keep their secrets and app configuration in sync and secure across devices, environments, and team members. Goodbye .env files.LinkUnsorted2/14/2023 6:53:40 PM
Nietzsche’s 66 Best AphorismsIt can be easier to grasp Nietzsche’s big ideas by studying his aphorisms — succinct yet insightful statements — which he intentionally penned at times.LinkQuotes1/31/2023 7:30:03 AM
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “I know of no better life purpose than to perish in attempting the great and the impossible.”“I know of no better life purpose than to perish in attempting the great and the impossible.” — Friedrich Nietzsche quotes from Quotefancy.comLinkQuotes1/31/2023 7:29:46 AM
A quote by Alexis CarrelMan cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptorLinkQuotes1/31/2023 7:29:34 AM
(627) PinterestFeb 2, 2022 - But in the end one needs more courage to live than to kill himself. Albert Camus QuoteLinkQuotes1/31/2023 7:29:24 AM
What is the meaning of “make death proud to take us” by Shakespeare?Answer (1 of 3): CLEOPATRA No more, but e’en a woman, and commandedBy such poor passion as the maid that milksAnd does the meanest chares. It were for meTo throw my sceptre at the injurious gods;To tell them that this world did equal theirsTill they had stol’n our jewel. All’s but naught…LinkQuotes1/31/2023 7:29:12 AM
Export your Kindle HighlightsSave your Kindle Highlights. Export your Kindle Highlights. Save your Kindle Highlights to Evernote. Print your Kindle Highlights.LinkCool Software1/29/2023 10:47:18 AM
Freeride World Tour HomeThe world’s best skiers and snowboarders on the world’s best mountains.Linksportsski, snowboard, competition1/29/2023 10:45:27 AM
SpatiaLite: SpatiaLiteLinkCool Software1/29/2023 9:41:44 AM
Onitama Board Game BoardGameGeekAssert your martial prowess by harnessing the power of various animal spirits.LinkGames1/26/2023 8:13:32 PM
jqnatividad/qsv: CSVs sliced, diced & analyzed.CSVs sliced, diced & analyzed. Contribute to jqnatividad/qsv development by creating an account on GitHub.LinkCool Software1/24/2023 11:49:07 AM
red-data-tools/YouPlot: A command line tool that draw plots on the terminal.A command line tool that draw plots on the terminal. - red-data-tools/YouPlot: A command line tool that draw plots on the terminal.LinkUnsorted1/24/2023 11:48:15 AM
AcreValue: Discover Farmland Values AcreValueView GIS maps that compile agricultural data, including farmland values, soil productivity ratings, crop mix, and parcel ownership information.LinkUnsorted1/24/2023 9:07:43 AM
Try Discs - ISO Disc Finder & Comparison ToolFind new discs to try based on flight and feel with our recommendation engine. Check inventory at multiple online disc golf retailers with our ISO search tool.LinkCool Softwarediscgolf1/20/2023 8:12:40 PM
The World’s Fastest Indian - Google SearchLinkTo Watch1/11/2023 6:56:24 PM
Tao of React - Software Design, Architecture & Best PracticesI’ve been working with React since 2016 and still there isn’t a single best practice when it comes to application structure and design. While there are best…LinkCool Softwarereact1/10/2023 10:02:26 PM
Web Apps by 123apps - Edit, Convert, CreateLinkCool Software1/10/2023 10:02:06 PM
unDraw - Open source illustrations for any ideaThe design project with open-source illustrations for any idea you can imagine and create. Create beautiful websites, products and applications with your color, for free.LinkCool Software1/10/2023 10:00:31 PM
Build contextual editing into your site TinaOpen-source visual editing experience, backed by git.LinkCool Software1/10/2023 5:50:32 PM
Cortex Help Engineering Teams Drive Microservices Best PracticesCortex makes it easy for engineering organizations to gain visibility into their services and deliver high quality software.LinkCool Software1/8/2023 10:48:49 PM
Stellar - an open network for moneyStellar makes it easy to create, send, and trade digital representations of all forms of money—dollars, pesos, bitcoin, pretty much anything.LinkCool Software1/1/2023 10:31:18 AM
Rewriting your emails with AI to be professionalMake sure your emails are professional and suitable for the workplace. Write your draft with all your slang and expletives, and our AI bot will rewrite and clean up the text. Professional emails in seconds.LinkCool Software1/1/2023 10:06:18 AM
Fresh Spring Rolls with Peanut SauceThese Vietnamese spring rolls are fresh, not fried! This veggie-packed recipe is easy to follow, with step-by-step photos. Vegan and easily gluten free.LinkRecipes12/26/2022 8:32:55 PM
Saleor – A headless, GraphQL-first, open-source e-commerce platformA headless, GraphQL-first e-commerce platform delivering ultra-fast, dynamic, personalized shopping experiences. Find out why developers love it.LinkCool Softwareecommerce, headless12/24/2022 12:47:33 PM
Backstage Software Catalog and Developer Platform · An open platform for building developer portalsAn open platform for building developer portalsLinkCool Software12/20/2022 7:34:22 AM
Technology Radar An opinionated guide to technology frontiers ThoughtworksThe Technology Radar is an opinionated guide to technology frontiers. Read the latest here.LinkCool Software12/20/2022 7:08:42 AM
Exploring AWS Lambda Function URL using .NET Container - Part 1Preparation You will need several tools, like .NET SDK. Please download here AWS Lambda…Linkblog pages12/20/2022 6:57:49 AM
C# and AWS Lambdas, Part 3 – Pulumi IaC for Web API and an API Gateway no dogma blogIn this the third in a series of posts on using .NET in AWS Lambdas I build on the previous post where I connected a Http Gateway to a Lambda running a Web API application. In that post I built the infrastructure by hand, i.e. via the GUI, pointing and clicking.In this post, I will show how to build everything with Pulumi.Linkblog pages12/20/2022 6:54:40 AM
The Next Generation GraphQL Content PlatformHygraph is the next generation GraphQL-Native Federated Content Platform. Integrate all your services with our unique content federation approach and distribute content from anywhere - to anywhere.LinkCool Software12/17/2022 6:53:45 AM
fargate terraform tutorialHere’s how to use Terraform to create a Fargate ECS service in AWS from scratch.Linkblog pages12/17/2022 6:42:53 AM
Protocol: A beautiful starting point for your next API documentation site - Tailwind CSSIt’s been months in the making but I’m excited to finally release our next website template — Protocol, a beautiful starter kit for building amazing API reference websites.LinkCool Software12/16/2022 5:55:41 PM
Serverless LandYour resource for learning serverless technology.LinkCool Software12/14/2022 7:32:59 AM
Pusher Leader In Realtime TechnologiesSimple, scalable and reliable. Hosted realtime APIs loved by developers and trusted by giants. Build live dashboards, notifications, geotracking, chat and more.LinkCool Software12/14/2022 7:30:06 AM
Cloud Storage for Offsite BackupLinkCool Software12/14/2022 6:45:06 AM
Postgres Full Text Search vs the restComparing one of the most popular Postgres features against alternativesLinkblog pages12/10/2022 8:24:28 PM
Build APIs in 5 minutes not weeks with GraphJin the automagical GraphQL to SQL compiler.LinkCool Software12/10/2022 8:18:34 PM
Code Language Converter - Convert code to other languages using AICode Language Converter online uses artificial intelligence to quickly convert your code snippets from one programing language to another in a matter of seconds.LinkCool Software12/10/2022 8:13:57 PM
Amazing CTOStartups use too much technology. My advice: Use Postgres for everytingLinkblog pages12/10/2022 7:58:30 PM
Unpoly: Unobtrusive JavaScript frameworkLinkCool Software12/10/2022 7:24:25 PM
(1374) Marten - Event Storage on PostgreSQL .NET C# - YouTubeEnjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.LinkCool Softwaremartendb, event sourcing12/10/2022 7:16:43 AM
Wolverine Next Generation .NET Command and Message BusNext Generation Command and Message Bus for .NETLinkCool Software12/10/2022 7:13:59 AM
ReadMeMake your APIs easy to use and your developers successful.LinkCool Software12/9/2022 9:09:33 PM
Serverless patterns Serverless LandYour resource for learning serverless technology.LinkCool Software12/9/2022 9:03:15 PM
An Interactive Guide to Flexbox in CSSWhen we truly learn the secrets of the Flexbox layout mode, we can build absolutely incredible things. Fluid layouts that stretch and shrink without arbitrary breakpoints. In this action-packed interactive tutorial, we’ll pop the hood on the Flexbox algorithm and learn how to do remarkable things with it. ✨LinkCool Software11/27/2022 7:25:29 PM
TypesenseLightning-fast, open source search engine for everyoneLinkCool Software11/27/2022 11:54:05 AM
Build contextual editing into your siteOpen-source visual editing experience, backed by git.LinkCool Software11/18/2022 9:16:06 PM
Discover Today’s Best Tech Blogs, Written by DevelopersFind the best developer blogs across topics and tech stacks. Ranked by machines, curated by humans. Updated hourly.LinkUnsorted11/18/2022 9:01:06 PM
Hemingway EditorLinkUnsorted11/18/2022 8:59:45 PM
GPSMAP® 66iGPS Handheld and Satellite CommunicatorLinkUnsorted11/18/2022 8:03:48 PM
R60 Personal Utility Ruck Case PelicanBuy R60 Personal Utility Ruck Case Interior: 8.9” x 5.4” x 3”.LinkUnsorted11/15/2022 3:52:58 PM
Pouches Foundry 2022Mission Capable. Whether on your toughest missions or in your everyday adventures, we know that exceptional quality and engineered functionality will help you succeed.LinkUnsorted11/15/2022 3:46:21 PM
1650 Protector Case PelicanShop our protective hard cases and discover the Pelican 1650, a rugged yet lightweight case designed to withstand the elements. Get the Pelican 1650 case today!LinkUnsorted11/15/2022 3:38:24 PM
Sortimo van shelvings & services for mobile workTrust the market leader! Find professional van racking systems, load securing systems and mobile transport solutions at Sortimo.LinkUnsorted11/15/2022 3:38:13 PM
Open Source – The GuildOpen Source developers with experience of working with the largest companies and applications. GraphQL consulting, workshops and trainings.LinkCool Software11/5/2022 9:42:21 AM
DebeziumDebezium is an open source distributed platform for change data capture. Start it up, point it at your databases, and your apps can start responding to all of the inserts, updates, and deletes that other apps commit to your databases. Debezium is durable and fast, so your apps can respond quickly and never miss an event, even when things go wrong.LinkCool Software11/3/2022 7:42:25 AM
NextDNSThe new firewall for the modern InternetLinkCool Software11/3/2022 7:38:16 AM
Keyboard JobsJobs for software developers, geeks and cyborgsLinkUnsorted11/3/2022 7:01:01 AM
GeoNamesLinkOutdoorsgeo10/28/2022 2:28:39 PM
Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf Monthly SubscriptionGet up to 19.99 per month.LinkUnsorted10/27/2022 11:34:13 AM
QuestDB Time series data, fasterQuestDB is an open source database designed to make time-series lightning fast and easy. It exposes a high performance REST API and is Postgres compatible.LinkCool Software10/27/2022 11:19:45 AM
tRPC - Move Fast and Break Nothing. End-to-end typesafe APIs made easy. tRPCEnd-to-end typesafe APIs made easy. Automatic typesafety & autocompletion inferred from your API-paths, their input data, & outputs 🧙‍♂️LinkCool Software10/27/2022 11:15:34 AM
Boston GIS: Geographic Information Systems Web Mapping OpenGIS and open source SolutionsBoston GIS a testbed for GIS mapping services focusing on Boston MassachusettsLinkCool Softwaregeo10/27/2022 11:14:09 AM
Homepage - OSGeoSorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.LinkCool Softwaregeo10/27/2022 11:13:23 AM
Prisma Next-generation ORM for Node.js & TypeScriptPrisma is a next-generation Node.js and TypeScript ORM for PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, MongoDB, and CockroachDB. It provides type-safety, automated migrations, and an intuitive data model.LinkCool Software10/27/2022 10:59:51 AM
Torchlight - the API for Syntax HighlightingLinkCool Software10/27/2022 10:49:52 AM
A new way to read & write MarkdownTypora is a cross-platform minimal markdown editor, providing seamless experience for both markdown readers and writers.LinkCool Software10/22/2022 10:44:50 AM
Redtail OverlandIntroducing the world’s first hard-sided roof top camper (RTC) - the carbon fiber Redtail RTC. The nimble freedom of a rooftop tent with the security and comforts of a hard-sided camper. Handcrafted in Colorado. Built-to-order.LinkOutdoors10/21/2022 7:32:45 AM
SolidJSSolid is a purely reactive library. It was designed from the ground up with a reactive core. It’s influenced by reactive principles developed by previous libraries.LinkCool Software10/20/2022 9:32:26 AM
Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software CalendlyCalendly is the modern scheduling platform that makes “finding time” a breeze. When connecting is easy, your teams can get more done.LinkCool Software10/20/2022 9:26:46 AM
Markdown Tables generator - TablesGenerator.comEasily create tables in extended Markdown format supported by Markdown Here and GFM.LinkCool Software10/20/2022 8:53:08 AM
Apache Thrift - HomeLinkUnsorted10/20/2022 7:56:38 AM
ASP.NET Core scheduling with Quartz.NET and SignalR monitoringThis article shows how scheduled tasks can be implemented in ASP.NET Core using Quartz.NET and then displays the job info in an ASP.NET Core Razor page using SignalR. A concurrent job and a non con…Linkblog pages10/20/2022 7:42:45 AM
Hangfire – Background Jobs for .NET and .NET CoreAn easy way to perform fire-and-forget, delayed and recurring tasks in ASP.NET applications. No Windows Service required, backed by persistent storage.LinkCool Softwaredotnet10/20/2022 7:39:23 AM
Custom Forms with No Server Code FormspreeFormspree is a form backend, API, and email service for HTML & JavaScript forms. It’s the simplest way to embed custom contact us forms, order forms, or email capture forms on your static website.LinkCool Software10/18/2022 10:36:22 AM
Linear ⋅ A better way to build productsLinear streamlines issues, sprints, and product roadmaps. It’s the new standard for modern software development.LinkUnsorted10/14/2022 6:05:39 PM
Effective TypeScript › Item 54: Know How to Iterate Over ObjectsIterating over the keys and values in an object is a common operation that’s surprisingly hard to write without type assertions in TypeScript. This item explains why the types you get from Object.keys or a for-in loop aren’t quite what you’d expect, and what your available workarounds are.LinkUnsorted10/11/2022 12:01:23 PM
Privacy-focused website analytics without compromisePrivacy-focused website analytics from a sustainable company. A GDPR compliant, Google Analytics alternative.LinkCool Software10/7/2022 11:59:59 PM
Inngest - You Send Events. We Run Your Code.Quickly build, test and deploy code that runs in response to events or on a schedule — without spending any time on infrastructure.LinkCool Software10/7/2022 11:48:16 PM
Reform - Hosted forms. No code required.Use Reform to build clean, brandable forms for your users. Hosted, customizable & no code required.LinkCool Software10/7/2022 9:30:31 PM
Welcome to the QGIS project!LinkCool Software10/7/2022 1:21:07 PM
Is it possible to hide extension resources in the Chrome web inspector network tab?When I’m viewing the downloaded resources for a page in the Chrome web inspector, I also see the HTML/JS/CSS requested by certain extensions.In the example above, indicator.html, indicator.js andLinkUnsorted9/25/2022 7:07:17 AM
Simen Daehlin - Dehlin.devLinkblog pages9/25/2022 7:04:16 AM
refine Build your React-based CRUD applications, without constraints! refineRefine offers lots of out-of-the box functionality for rapid development, without compromising extreme customizability. It ships with Ant Design System, an enterprise-level UI toolkit.LinkCool Software9/25/2022 4:45:46 AM
HashnodeHashnode is a free developer blogging platform that allows you to publish articles on your own domain and helps you stay connected with a global developer community.Linkblog pages9/21/2022 10:59:20 AM
The #1 Chat Messaging + Activity Feed InfrastructureBuild scalable in-app chat or activity feeds in days. Product teams trust Stream to launch faster, iterate more often, and ship a better user experience.LinkCool Software9/19/2022 9:15:39 PM
Hi I’m Aravind 👋 HomeI build 🛠 things on the Web. Loves anything about Web 🕸 & Javascript 💛 ecosystem. Mad about Web Performance 🚀Linkblog pages9/18/2022 7:00:32 AM
The Burnside - Aero TeardropsThe Burnside our newest model The Burnside Also known as the “squaredrop”, the Burnside is our newest model. This model is a simpler, more minimalistic version of our Steel teardrops.…LinkUnsorted9/16/2022 6:31:36 PM
Unleash Your HardwareUnraid OS allows sophisticated media aficionados, gamers, and other intensive data-users to have ultimate control over their data, media, applications, and desktops, using just about any combination of hardware.LinkCool Software9/7/2022 7:15:26 AM
Site Search & Discovery powered by AICreate AI-powered search & discovery across websites & apps.LinkCool Software9/7/2022 7:15:11 AM
The Serverless API Developer PlatformThe Next Generation API Developer Platform. Connect any number of APIs and merge them into a single unified API. Built-in Security, Authentication, Authorization and Caching.LinkCool Software9/5/2022 7:44:10 AM
Straightforward Event Sourcing with TypeScript and NodeJS - Event-Driven.ioEvent-Driven by Oskar DudyczLinkEvent Sourcing9/2/2022 9:36:42 AM
Thunderbolt 4 Dock TS4 CalDigit – CalDigitThe CalDigit TS4 Thunderbolt 4 Dock adds 18 ports of connectivity, 98W laptop charging, dual display connectivity, and 2.5GbE via a single cable.LinkHardware8/26/2022 9:25:42 PM
URL and website scanner - urlscan.iourlscan.io - Website scanner for suspicious and malicious URLsLinkSecurity8/21/2022 6:55:20 AM
16Shop: Commercial Phishing Kit Has A Hidden BackdoorAdditional research by Or Katz When it comes to targeting Apple users and their personal and financial data, 16Shop has emerged as a go to kit for those who can afford it. While 16Shop is sold to criminals looking to…LinkSecurity8/21/2022 6:54:24 AM
Overview — Adspect documentationLinkSecurity8/21/2022 6:52:27 AM
Alpine.jsA rugged, minimal framework for composing behavior directly in your markup.LinkCool Softwarejquery8/21/2022 6:48:52 AM
ViteNext Generation Frontend ToolingLinkCool Software8/20/2022 9:23:07 AM
Strapi - Open source Node.js Headless CMS 🚀Strapi is the next-gen headless CMS, open-source, javascript, enabling content-rich experiences to be created, managed and exposed to any digital device.LinkCool Softwarecms8/14/2022 7:16:10 AM
Marked DocumentationLinkCool Softwaremarkdown8/13/2022 8:32:28 AM
reSolve reSolveFull stack CQRS, DDD, Event Sourcing framework for Node.jsLinkCool Software8/13/2022 7:44:56 AM
the native web Frameworkwolkenkit is an open-source CQRS and event-sourcing framework based on Node.js that empowers you to build and run scalable distributed web and cloud services.LinkCool Software8/13/2022 7:44:42 AM
DALL·E 2DALL·E 2 is a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.LinkAI8/8/2022 9:12:00 AM
Headless WYSIWYG Text Editor – Tiptap EditorLinkUnsorted7/31/2022 7:00:13 AM
Static Site Generator with GUI to build privacy-focused SEO-friendly websitePublii is a static site CMS with graphical user interface; a powerful blogging tool for ultra-fast, SEO friendly and secure websites.LinkUnsorted7/30/2022 12:06:45 AM
Carpenter Bee Sprays, Bait & Trap Products Fast, Free Shipping - DoMyOwn.comClick here to buy the best Carpenter Bee killer products including carpenter bee traps, sprays, and baits with Free Shipping and Expert Advice.LinkUnsorted7/27/2022 3:29:19 PM
Eventuous: Event Sourcing for .NETEventuous is a production-grade, reliable, and scalable Event Sourcing library for .NET and .NET Core.LinkCool Softwareevent sourcing7/23/2022 4:13:11 AM
egoist/hack: ⛷ Dead simple CSS framework.⛷ Dead simple CSS framework. Contribute to egoist/hack development by creating an account on GitHub.Linkcss7/23/2022 3:59:07 AM
The Big Blocklist CollectionPi-hole compatible blocklists for you to have a more enjoyable online presenceLinkSecuritypihole7/20/2022 4:02:05 PM
Home avoidthehack!avoidthehack! helps you take your own online privacy and security seriously. Learn to use technology in a way that allows you to protect your information and identity online.LinkSecurity7/20/2022 3:14:31 PM
Easy Chicken TacosEasy Chicken Tacos - With a simple spice rub, the chicken is cooked so quickly on the stovetop! Dice into small pieces and serve with pico, avocado + lime!LinkRecipes7/17/2022 11:49:39 AM
Miniflux - Minimalist and Opinionated Feed ReaderMiniflux is a minimalist and opinionated feed readerLinkCool SoftwareRSS, self-hosted7/17/2022 10:42:56 AM
Image & Video CDN Dynamic Optimizations, Transformations & DAM ImageKit.ioReal-time image and video optimizations & transformations with integrated digital asset management & a fast CDN for delivering better media experiences.LinkCool Software7/17/2022 9:55:41 AM
CadenceLinkCool Softwareworkflow, uber7/15/2022 7:44:57 AM
HTMLhousePublish HTML with CSShorse.LinkCool Software7/15/2022 7:41:29 AM
imgproxy/imgproxy: Fast and secure standalone server for resizing and converting remote imagesFast and secure standalone server for resizing and converting remote images - imgproxy/imgproxy: Fast and secure standalone server for resizing and converting remote imagesLinkCool Software7/13/2022 3:58:30 PM
system-ui/theme-ui: Build consistent, themeable React apps based on constraint-based design principlesBuild consistent, themeable React apps based on constraint-based design principles - system-ui/theme-ui: Build consistent, themeable React apps based on constraint-based design principlesLinkCool Software7/13/2022 3:57:20 PM
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Bear BlogFree, no-nonsense, super-fast blogging.LinkCool Software7/13/2022 3:42:33 PM
Load testing for engineering teams Grafana k6k6 is an open-source tool and cloud service that makes load testing easy for developers and QA engineers.LinkCool Software6/25/2022 6:51:33 AM
Lens The Kubernetes IDELens IDE for Kubernetes. The only system you’ll ever need to take control of your Kubernetes clusters. It’s open source and free. Download it today!LinkCool SoftwareKubernetes6/14/2022 8:27:07 PM
Advanced Event Broker. An event mesh for connected enterprises SolaceSolace PubSub+ is the only unified advanced event broker that enables an event mesh and supports pub/sub, queuing, request/reply, replay and streaming using open APIs and protocols.LinkCool Software6/1/2022 2:08:55 PM
HomeLinkDisc Golf5/31/2022 10:46:52 AM
timlrx/tailwind-nextjs-starter-blog: This is a Next.js, Tailwind CSS blogging starter template. Comes out of the box configured with the latest technologies to make technical writing a breeze. Easily configurable and customizable. Perfect as a replacement to existing Jekyll and Hugo individual blogs.This is a Next.js, Tailwind CSS blogging starter template. Comes out of the box configured with the latest technologies to make technical writing a breeze. Easily configurable and customizable. Per…LinkCool Software5/27/2022 10:42:18 AM
Payload CMS Node & React TypeScript Headless CMSHeadless CMS and application framework built with TypeScript, Node.js, React and MongoDBLinkCool Software5/25/2022 11:45:55 AM
picoCTF - LoginLinkSecurity5/25/2022 10:56:25 AM
CyberChefThe Cyber Swiss Army Knife - a web app for encryption, encoding, compression and data analysisLinkSecurity5/25/2022 10:56:16 AM
Flight Guide • Marshall Street Disc GolfWe weigh every disc.LinkDisc Golf5/13/2022 8:10:06 AM
Free Bootstrap Admin Template - AdminLTE.IOLinkCool Software5/9/2022 12:59:39 PM
How to Deconstruct objects in C# like we do in JavascriptI’ve been using C# for about a decade now, and…Linkblog pages5/9/2022 12:09:05 PM
direnv – unclutter your .profileunclutter your .profileLinkUnsorted5/9/2022 11:51:53 AM
Jsonnet - The Data Templating LanguageA powerful DSL for elegant description of JSON data.LinkCool Software5/9/2022 11:50:38 AM
uniformsA React library for building forms from any schemaLinkCool Software5/7/2022 12:38:58 PM
The Open Source Firebase Alternative SupabaseThe Open Source Alternative to Firebase.LinkDB4/28/2022 9:24:43 PM
ListedListed allows you to create an online publication with automatic email newsletters delivered to your readers, directly from Standard Notes. It’s ideal for creating a public journal, or sharing domain-specific knowledge.LinkReading4/28/2022 7:39:39 PM
Standard Notes End-To-End Encrypted Notes AppStandard Notes is an easy-to-use encrypted note-taking app for digitalists and professionals. Capture your notes, documents, and life’s work all in one place.LinkProductivity4/28/2022 7:36:35 PM
MastodonMastodon is an open source decentralized social network - by the people for the people. Join the federation and take back control of your social media!LinkWriting4/28/2022 7:23:29 PM
Micro.blogLinkWriting4/28/2022 7:12:49 PM
WriteFreelyMinimalist, federated, self-hosted blogging platform.LinkCool Software4/28/2022 3:01:23 PM
The StoryGraphWe’ll help you track your reading and choose your next book.LinkReading4/28/2022 2:56:32 PM
Keychron Wireless Mechanical Keyboards for Mac, Windows and PhonesKeychron design and produces unique wireless Mechanical Keyboard for Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android.LinkKeyboards4/28/2022 2:54:25 PM
JoinPeerTubePeerTube is a decentralized video hosting network, based on free/libre software. Join the federation and take back control of your videos!LinkCool Software4/28/2022 1:48:34 PM
Snap.asSnap.as lets you instantly upload and share photos.LinkWriting4/28/2022 1:45:21 PM
mishudark/eventhus: Go - CQRS / Event Sourcing made easy - GoGo - CQRS / Event Sourcing made easy - Go. Contribute to mishudark/eventhus development by creating an account on GitHub.LinkCool Software4/28/2022 8:23:34 AM
How to Use Gaia GPS - Backpacking LightLearn how to use Gaia GPS for planning and tracking hiking and backpacking trips for research, planning, tracking, and data archiving.LinkUnsorted4/27/2022 4:46:22 PM
free SVG generators, web design tools & modern HTML templatesA fun collection of free SVG generators for gradients, patterns & backgrounds + other color and web design tools. Also, a collection of modern HTML templates.LinkUnsorted4/18/2022 9:57:15 PM
Discover the IndieWeb, one blog post at a time.A website to randomly explore the IndieWeb. Simply click a button and you will be redirected to a random post from a personal blog.LinkCool Software4/16/2022 8:01:29 AM
KinopioKinopio is your spatial thinking tool for new ideas and hard problems.LinkCool Software4/16/2022 7:56:00 AM
WeeklyfeedLinkUnsorted4/13/2022 7:30:09 AM
Artifact HubFind, install and publish Kubernetes packageLinkCool SoftwareKubernetes4/3/2022 9:29:43 AM
MSLPT5252BL2MTR TE Connectivity / Alcoswitch MouserMSLPT5252BL2MTR TE Connectivity / Alcoswitch Tactile Switches Tact Mini JB 5.2x 5.2x1.5 100gf datasheet, inventory, & pricing.LinkHardware3/20/2022 1:38:38 PM
KiCad EDAA Cross Platform and Open Source Electronics Design Automation SuiteLinkHardware3/20/2022 1:35:49 PM
Axure RP - UX Prototypes, Specifications, and Diagrams in One ToolThe most powerful way to plan, prototype and handoff to developers, all without code. Download a free trial and see why UX professionals choose Axure RP.LinkUX3/16/2022 8:39:26 AM
Dgraph HomeThe GraphQL Cloud Platform Build it right, the first time. GraphQL . Javascript . Distributed Graph Engine Click to Get Started Why use Dgraph? Dgraph is the simplest way to implement a GraphQL backend for your applications. Everything you need to build apps, unite your data, and scale your operations is included, out-of-the-box. Single schema…LinkGraphQL3/15/2022 8:28:15 AM
bit.ioLinkDB3/12/2022 10:50:35 AM
Continuous SQL Data Pipelines for Cloud Data Lakes UpsolverLinkData3/12/2022 10:26:41 AM
Forest Woodward the important places 1Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetLinkInspiration3/12/2022 9:44:59 AM
Barboursville WV Virtual Tag League – Permanent tags, virtual ranks.Permanent tags, virtual ranks.LinkDisc Golf3/11/2022 1:57:26 PM
CharmWe build tools to make the command line glamorousLinkCool Software3/11/2022 1:35:29 PM
Webhooks as a Service · SvixSvix is the enterprise ready webhooks service. Build a state of the art webhooks solution in minutes, and start sending webhooks with the Svix service or the Svix open source project.LinkCool Software2/24/2022 4:44:22 PM
Telemetry Extractor & Overlay for GoPro, DJI, Insta360 & moreExtract, interpret, visualize and convert telemetry from GoPro, DJI, Insta360 & more videos. Create amazing data visualizations, gauges and dashboards with professional workflowsLinkGoPro2/16/2022 8:25:09 AM
gopro/gpmf-parser: Parser for GPMF™ formatted telemetry data used within GoPro® cameras.Parser for GPMF™ formatted telemetry data used within GoPro® cameras. - gopro/gpmf-parser: Parser for GPMF™ formatted telemetry data used within GoPro® cameras.LinkGoPro2/16/2022 8:24:56 AM
stilldavid/gopro-utils: Tools to parse metadata from GoPro Hero 5 & 6 camerasTools to parse metadata from GoPro Hero 5 & 6 cameras - stilldavid/gopro-utils: Tools to parse metadata from GoPro Hero 5 & 6 camerasLinkGoPro2/16/2022 8:24:39 AM
RaceRender by HP Tuners Video+Data ProductsAmaze Your Fans with High-Tech Video and Data Visualizations!LinkGoPro2/16/2022 8:24:29 AM
Pricing and Plans FaunaStart for free or pick a metered plan with monthly commits and metered overages. Browse pricing and plans.LinkCool Software2/16/2022 8:20:40 AM
Library GenesisLinkeBooks2/16/2022 8:16:00 AM
Complete platform for Event Sourcing & CQRS SerializedA complete platform for building event-driven systems based on Event Sourcing and CQRS. Build event-driven systems without managing databases or complex infrastructure components.LinkCool Software1/10/2022 1:31:47 PM
Plate5LinkMaps1/9/2022 10:09:51 PM
rocky mountains map - Google SearchLinkMaps1/9/2022 10:01:10 PM
United States of America: Old Antique Region and Overview Maps Prints and Pictures. Map gifts. The 1900 CollectionOrder online and buy here vintage maps of United States of America and parts of United States of America for sale. Fine restored reproductions of historical country and locality maps, vintage road maps. GPS-enabled navigable old maps. Royalty-free stock map picture image bankLinkMaps1/9/2022 9:54:37 PM
Disc Golf Discs for Sale – Reviews, Ratings, #1 Disc Golf RetailerLargest selection of disc golf discs for sale. Reviews, ratings, and pictures of 50,000 discs. Low prices and same day shipping from the #1 disc golf store.LinkDisc Golf1/8/2022 12:31:28 PM
GitHub - dotnet/tye: Tye is a tool that makes developing, testing, and deploying microservices and distributed applications easier. Project Tye includes a local orchestrator to make developing microservices easier and the ability to deploy microservices to Kubernetes with minimal configuration.Tye is a tool that makes developing, testing, and deploying microservices and distributed applications easier. Project Tye includes a local orchestrator to make developing microservices easier and …LinkCool Software1/8/2022 8:31:52 AM
Marten as Event Store Marten.NET Transactional Document DB and Event Store on PostgreSQLLinkCool Software1/5/2022 6:56:42 PM
MusclewikiSimplify your workout.LinkCool Software1/3/2022 12:33:26 PM
awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted: A list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted on your own serversA list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted on your own servers - awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted: A list of Free Software network services and web appli…LinkProject Ideas1/2/2022 4:33:02 PM
Watch Free Yellowstone TV Shows Online HDWatch Yellowstone 2018 full HD online, download Yellowstone Full HD Free on HDTodayLinkStreaming1/1/2022 4:44:12 PM
Yellowstone Park Virtual Challenge The Conqueror ChallengesThe Yellowstone Park Virtual Challenge takes you 75mi (120km) through an incredible range of landscapes and ecosystems.LinkProject Ideas1/1/2022 4:13:23 PM
asciinema - Record and share your terminal sessions, the right wayLinkCool Software1/1/2022 10:51:09 AM
Instant-Gaming.com - Your favorites PC/MAC games up to 70% off! Digital games, Instant Delivery, 24/7!Instant-Gaming.com - All your favourite games for Steam, Origin, Battle.net, Uplay and Indie games up to 70% off! Digital games, Instant delivery 24/7!LinkGames12/31/2021 3:36:08 PM
The API to Video MuxMux is video infrastructure built by the experts. Take any video file or live stream and make it play beautifully at scale on any device, powered by magical-feeling features like automatic thumbnails, animated gifs, and data-driven encoding decisions. Spend your time building what people want, not drudging through FFmpeg documentation. Already have your own platform? No problem, Mux can help you make sure you’re being the best you via best-in-class quality of service analytics.LinkVideo12/31/2021 1:09:09 PM
Watch Movies Online Free Watch Series HD FreeFree Access to the Biggest library of HD Movies and HD Series online - NO ADS - No Account Required - Fast Free StreamingLinkStreaming12/31/2021 12:02:14 PM
Welcome to Bull’s GuidePremium Queue package for handling distributed jobs and messages in NodeJS.LinkMessaging12/24/2021 2:19:11 PM
PlanetScaleThe database for developersLinkDB12/23/2021 9:57:38 PM
SparkFun Serial Basic CH340C Hookup Guide - learn.sparkfun.comLinkHardware11/6/2021 6:25:02 AM
Tailblocks — Ready-to-use Tailwind CSS blocksReady-to-use Tailwind CSS blocksLinkCool Software10/30/2021 10:26:08 AM
espressif/esp-google-iot: Google Cloud IoT SDK as an ESP-IDF ComponentGoogle Cloud IoT SDK as an ESP-IDF Component. Contribute to espressif/esp-google-iot development by creating an account on GitHub.LinkESP3210/30/2021 10:24:09 AM
Ting Mobile: Choose smarter mobile service.Ting Mobile is the smarter choice for mobile service. Unlimited talk and text plus fast data starting at $15. No start-up fees and no contracts.LinkIoT10/19/2021 10:16:48 PM
Creating Object Recognition with Espressif ESP32 Amazon Web ServicesBy using low-cost embedded devices like the Espressif ESP32 family, and the breadth of AWS services, you can create an advanced object recognition system. ESP32 microcontroller is a highly integrated solution for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth IoT applications, with around 20 external components. In this example, we use AI Thinker ESP32-CAM variant that comes with an […]LinkESP3210/19/2021 10:10:04 PM
AquaMon - Aquaponics and Fish Tank Monitoring with Tuya IoTMarine species are extremely sensitive to changes in environmental conditions. AquaMon IoT device and app helps your fishes to grow better.LinkUnsorted10/18/2021 10:31:08 PM
Using Flatpak — Flatpak documentationLinkLinux10/17/2021 1:30:59 PM
Route Climbing Training Program - TrainingBetaEasy-to-use training route climbing training program. Climbing drills, finger strength, power endurance, core, shoulder stability, etc.LinkClimbing10/14/2021 8:06:50 PM
15 Functional Cable Management Solutions to 3D PrintNo matter where you’re working from, 3D print some of these cable management solutions to bring order to your electronics!Link3D Printing10/13/2021 8:58:25 PM
Flexible automation for bare metalDesigned for scalable provisioning of physical hardware, Tinkerbell is both open-source and cloud native. Contributed by Equinix Metal.LinkCool Software10/9/2021 9:03:08 AM
Download BookClimb Injury-Free The Book Has injury prevented you from climbing harder? Whether you’re a professional athlete or a novice climber, “Climb Injury-Free” is the guide that will teach you how to climb stronger and pain-free. The book features the “Rock Rehab Pyramid.” A step-by-step rehabilitation and injury prevention system designed specificallyLinkClimbing10/6/2021 3:54:03 PM
Privacy — Seamless & Secure Online Card PaymentsCheckout securely online by creating unique virtual card numbers for every purchase. Avoid data breaches, unwanted charges, and stolen credit card numbers.LinkFinancial10/5/2021 8:07:47 AM
NEW RIVER ALLIANCE OF CLIMBERSA grassroots rock climbing advocacy and anchor-replacement organization in and around WV’s New River Gorge.LinkClimbing9/24/2021 2:39:01 PM
Unleash/unleash: Unleash is the open source feature toggle service.Unleash is the open source feature toggle service. - Unleash/unleash: Unleash is the open source feature toggle service.LinkCool Software9/22/2021 10:12:32 PM
GraphQL and MySQL: Solving the Join ProblemA tricky, but rewarding endeavorLinkGraphQL9/22/2021 10:09:28 PM
AG Grid: High-Performance React Grid, Angular Grid, JavaScript GridAG Grid is a feature rich datagrid designed for the major JavaScript Frameworks. Version 25 is out now. Easily integrate into your application to deliver filtering, grouping, aggregation, pivoting and much more with the performance that your users expect. Our Community version is free and open source, or take a 2 month trial of AG Grid Enterprise.LinkCool Software9/22/2021 12:36:01 PM
My father’s Pinnacles guidebook collection — next I’ll try to scan his old photos and post themFind rock climbing routes, photos, and guides for every state, along with experiences and advice from fellow climbers.LinkNotebooks9/19/2021 1:11:54 PM
Batmanstream - Batman streamWatch Live sport online with batmanstream. batmanstream brings you live football online and free sport on your pc. sports tv stream and sports events.LinkStreaming9/19/2021 1:10:20 PM
IntegromatIntegromat lets you connect apps and automate workflows in a few clicks. Move data between apps without effort so you can focus on growing your business.LinkData9/19/2021 12:47:30 PM
Husarnet Operate At The Edge Of LatencyPeer-to-Peer VPN to connect your laptops, servers or microcontrollers over the Internet with zero configurationLinkUnsortedvpn9/17/2021 4:12:54 PM
Wormhole - Simple, private file sharingWormhole lets you share files with end-to-end encryption and a link that automatically expires.LinkCool Softwarefile-sharing, easy9/15/2021 8:33:50 AM
Connect APIs, Remarkably Fast - PipedreamPipedream is a low code integration platform for developers that allows you to connect APIs remarkably fast. Stop writing boilerplate code, struggling with authentication and managing infrastructure. Start connecting APIs with code-level control when you need it — and no code when you don’t. Join 100,000+ developers using the Pipedream platform today. Get started for free.LinkData9/14/2021 5:06:09 PM
Affordable pricing for Google Sheets integrations Coupler.ioStart for free, invite as many users as you wish and pay for the volume of imported data, not per user count.LinkData9/14/2021 5:05:42 PM
How to draw a map - Fantastic MapsThis tutorial covers my entire process for how to draw a map - from start to finish. Here I’m illustrating a town map, but the steps apply to any map.LinkProject Ideas9/14/2021 3:56:55 PM
Sharing Query Results with Dataclips Heroku Dev CenterDataclips allow the results of SQL queries on a Heroku Postgres database to be easily shared.LinkData9/14/2021 3:20:33 PM
Graphile Powerful, Extensible and Performant GraphQL APIs RapidlyUtilities to build powerful, performant and extensible GraphQL APIs rapidlyLinkCool Software9/13/2021 11:12:20 AM
mgmeyers/obsidian-kanban: Create markdown-backed Kanban boards in Obsidian.Create markdown-backed Kanban boards in Obsidian. Contribute to mgmeyers/obsidian-kanban development by creating an account on GitHub.LinkProductivity9/13/2021 10:30:02 AM
Openbase: choose the right package every timeFind and compare millions of open-source packages with user reviews,categories, and powerful insights into packages’ popularity, maintenance,and moreLinkCool Software9/12/2021 11:47:03 AM
How to Use the Slmgr activate and Slmgr rearm - Get IT Solutionsslmgr activate and slmgr rearm command can be used in order to activate Windows with the Command Prompt or Extend the Activation TimerLinkWindows9/10/2021 10:42:31 PM
NanoSaurDesigned & made by Raffaello BonghiLinkProject Ideas9/10/2021 10:35:48 PM
Naturebytes Digital making for wildlifeNaturebytes reconnects people with wildlife through digital making.LinkProject Ideas9/10/2021 10:32:58 PM
OpenDataCamAn open source tool to quantify the worldLinkAI9/10/2021 10:23:21 PM
obsidian-dataview/code-reference.md at master · blacksmithgu/obsidian-dataviewA high-performance data index and query language over Markdown files, for https://obsidian.md/. - obsidian-dataview/code-reference.md at master · blacksmithgu/obsidian-dataviewLinkProductivity9/10/2021 9:45:52 PM
A plugin for reading and annotating PDFs and EPUBs in obsidian. - Files ReposHubA plugin for reading and annotating PDFs and EPUBs in obsidian. ,obsidian-annotatorLinkProductivity9/10/2021 9:28:52 PM
YAML front matter AssembleStatic site generator for Grunt.js and Yeoman. Assemble makes it dead simple to build modular sites, blogs, gh-pages, components and documentation from reusable templates and data.LinkProductivity9/10/2021 9:12:50 PM
B2 Cloud Storage: The Lowest Cost On Demand Storage As a ServiceHigh performance cloud storage at a fraction of the price.LinkDatastorage9/8/2021 8:31:08 PM
@flowaccount/nx-serverlessServerless schematics for nx workspaceLinkCool Software9/8/2021 2:07:38 PM
Serverless Framework - AWS Lambda Events - API GatewayLinkServerless9/8/2021 2:02:38 PM
Obsidian: A knowledge base that works on local Markdown files.Obsidian – A knowledge base that works on local Markdown files.LinkProductivity9/8/2021 11:56:52 AM
OpenRefineLinkData9/8/2021 11:39:03 AM
An Auto-generated Admin Panel for your Node.js ApplicationYou, as a developer, provide database models, and AdminBro generates ReactJS UI which allows you (or other trusted users) to manage content.LinkCool Software9/8/2021 11:28:26 AM
Plasmic - The headless page builder for your codebasePlasmic is a visual, no-code page builder and CMS for any website or codebase. Use your existing code components. Empower the whole team to ship incredibly fast.LinkCool Software9/8/2021 11:28:17 AM
Using WSL to Build a Python Development Environment on WindowsThis article describes how to install and configure WSL2 so you can run Linux apps and do python development on your Windows system.LinkWindows9/7/2021 11:13:57 PM
Nx: Smart, Extensible Build FrameworkNx is a smart and extensible build framework to help you architect, test, and build at any scale — integrating seamlessly with modern technologies and frameworks while providing a distributed graph-based task execution, computation caching, smart rebuilds of affected projects, powerful code generators, editor support, GitHub apps, and more.LinkCool SoftwareJavaScript9/7/2021 8:05:11 AM
dbt - Transform data in your warehousedbt is a data transformation tool that enables data analysts and engineers to transform, test and document data in the cloud data warehouse.LinkDataETL9/7/2021 7:58:32 AM
Airbyte Open-Source Data Integration Pipelines To Your WarehousesAirbyte is the turnkey open-source data integration platform that gives your infrastructure super powers to move data seamlessly.LinkDataETL9/7/2021 7:58:00 AM
(29) Introduction to using Queues in an RTOS with the Particle Xenon and Adafruit NeoPixel Ring - YouTubeEnjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.LinkESP329/6/2021 6:01:58 PM
ESP32-S2 SoCs, Modules and Dev Boards Go Into Mass Production Espressif SystemsEspressif announces the beginning of mass production for the whole series of ESP32-S2 SoCs, modules and development boards, which will make their advantages readily available to the entire IoT market.LinkESP32IoT, Embedded9/6/2021 5:30:37 PM